How To Cook Ribs On A Traeger Grill

How To Cook Ribs On A Traeger Grill

How To Cook Ribs On A Traeger Grill. Pick up a rack of ribs and square off the sides by removing two end bones from each side. Season the meat liberally with the dry rub.

How To Cook Ribs On A Traeger GrillHow To Cook Ribs On A Traeger Grill
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Then set your traeger grill to 225 degrees and place the ribs on the rack. That process should take around 5 minutes. It is always good to cook the ribs at a lower temperature for a longer time as it helps them to retain their natural juices and also helps them become tender and flavourful.

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Fold The Corners To Create Pockets Around The Ribs To Contain The Braise.

Avoid the bones by inserting the probe into the center of a rack of ribs. The time can vary here depending on your meat. Braising in liquid will take 2 to 3 hours, depending on the size of the ribs.

After The Initial Grilling Time, Place A Large Piece Of Aluminum Foil On A Flat Surface And Put The Ribs Bone Side Up On It.

Spray the ribs with apple juice (or water), then smoke at the same temperature for another 30 minutes. Join chef jason from 5280 culinary as he shows you how to cook the best ribs on your traeger grill. Carefully remove the ribs from the foil and place directly on grill grate.

Toss The Extra Ribs You’ve Cut From The Rack On The Back And Sides Of Grill To Cook Individually For A Tasty Snack.

Turn the heat up to 275°, and cook for another 2 hours. The headliner for the prep and cook time do not reflect this,. Cook for 3 to 4 hours with the super smoke on if the feature is available.

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2 lbs country style ribs. Cook for another 3 hours or until it reaches 150 degrees. Layout four large sheets of aluminum foil and preheat your traeger smoker to 225 degrees f.

Spritz The Ribs With Apple Juice Every Hour Until They Get Up.

Once the temperature of the grill is up to 250 degrees fahrenheit, close the lid, and then let it continue to preheat for about 15 minutes. Don’t forget to keep your eye on the grill. In the final hour you baste and glaze the meat with your favorite barbecue sauce.

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